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Reminiscing hardcore

24 Nov

Reminiscing about the viral videos that started it all. Here are a few of my favorites


For more like these check out a great post on


Friday Funbits

30 Sep

You will totesLOLz.

The cute yet slightly creepy life as a shell

Because baby monkeys obviously ride on pigs

The best outtake from Grandma’s Boy

61 candles on a cake is most likely too many

Fishing how-to outtakes…oh America.


Friday funbits

4 Sep

While I sweat through my sundress at the football stadium tomorrow here are some funbits to entertain you till Monday comes.

If historical events and figures could update facebook. This gets 5 stars on the hilarity meter.

Unicorns that love cupcakes and are plumptrons! Makes me miss Magnolia Bakery.

A funny sketch about pompous Brits and their elaborate gap years

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates

Really cool interactive website and music video by Arcade Fire

PS. Never buy white bath mats!

Welcome to Call Me Cheddar!

9 Aug

Hey friends,

First post coming soon!

But for now I leave you with this…