Animals I Like

18 Aug

I like animals. A lot. I used to want to be a marine biologist and I actually dressed up as the Shark Lady for a elementary school presentation. But by the age of 14 I had become too afraid of sharks, jellyfish, piranas, stingrays and suffocating while snorkeling too pursue it further.  I read Dr. Doolittle and Julie of the Wolves to try to communicate with canines better. I’ve had fish (die too much), two mice (Meeko and Rescue), a guinea pig (Snickers), and I have the best dog ever (MilliDOG).

I really want to have a ton of animals and I want them to love me. But right now I have no room for animals and no money so my friends would be really smelly and crowded and hungry and hate me and probably take revenge.  So until I get to be an old cat lady I have to settle for looking at pictures of animals on and thinking about them.

Here are some of my favorites:

Bottlenose Dolphin

Bottlenose Dolphin

Image from wikipedia

Dolphins are the ultimate best. They are fast and smart and so smiley and happy and are only afraid of trash. If I were not a mermaid I would be a dolphin. In fact I once read a book which followed the story of a girl raised by dolphins. This girl only spoke in squeaks, loved water and had really long hair and barnacles all over her. She was my idol.


image from wikipedia

This is some species of dolphin just trying to be a cool dolphin…or a shark with that crazy half fin… or a very slim manatee.


brittany spaniel

image from wikipedia


cheetah with cub

image from wikipedia

Cheetahs are ballers because they are the fastest land mammals. I want to hold a baby cheetah and have it purr and never roar because it cannot!



image from wikipedia

I used to ride horses until I realized that horses didn’t actually like having people on their backs and would much prefer to eat grass or ride off into the distance without you.  Horses also get mad at each other and are stubborn lil hoes sometimes.  But I also think that they are beautiful and majestic in a kind of scary “ahh you could kill me” way.


image from wikipedia

This is the Mesohippus, the horses ancestor. I just stumbled across it and noticed its clawlike paws and stripes and weird head and thought WHAT?


Definitely the cuter, nicer version of the horse. I just want to stick my hand in a bowl of seahorses and have them wrap their tails around my fingers and hug me!!

Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider

image from wikipedia

Sugar Gliders are like cuter nicer versions of flying devil squirrels.  They are very sociable and I want one for my apartment maybe!


Admit it, everyone has an animated animal disney character crush right?!! Well mine is Simba. I even named my beta fish after Simba.  Simba (adult simba OBVS) is strong, kind, brave, has a kingdom and a hot GF. So hot.


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