Twilight: Dreams Do Come True

11 Aug

Today I received an email which has the potential to be THE most life changing email of my young life.

Background: Taylor Lautner

Hi I got some defined abs

Taylor Lautner/Jacob

AKA Jacob Black the werewolf took a tour of my school because it’s awesome.

Apparently he and his manager were lovin on it so much that they want some of it. Yeah they want some of our students, aka ME to STAR as extras in Breaking Dawn Part 1 (because the movies have been so good they need to drag it out longer?).

So this is how the rest of my life is going down:

August: “OMGAH 4th year!” “LOL 4th year!” “I’m the best!” “It’s so hot out!”

September: “Mrggh it’s hot!” “4th year! Rage!” Shit I’m kinda tan. My LEGS WHY ARE YOU ANOTHER RACE?!

October: “I need to be pastier! GAH” “Twilight here I come!” “Edward you will love me!”

Now it’s my time to shine. I will triumph. Senior Musical training kicks back into gear.

First the cast is charmed by me and wants to be my friend. We start hanging out on the set as a cool group. We talk about superficial things.

Oh we are just such carefree friends!

LOLZ Goofing off again <3

I get to the level of hanging out outside of “work”.  Partying brings us closer. I pretend to be going for Jacob and Jacob likes that. This makes Edward realize he wants some.

Ooo which one be wantin this?!

Just another night with friends! hee!

WAH I HAVE WON.  Edward is mine!


Me: OmgAH you sparkle Edward! Edward: You're so different than Bella..mwahhhhh

(Thanks to!)

November: Helplessly in LUv

If this email was some sick joke… This “manager” will hear from me every day.  I will never cease!

Soo…lyke team Edward or Jacob teehehe??!


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